Glass Tinting Services In Lucknow

Glass Tinting Services In Lucknow

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Our Glass Frosting Services In Lucknow

Installation made easy with frosted glass films

It takes less time to install the glass film to your design. It can be installed in a few hours. Glass film has the advantage of not requiring you to remove the glass like etched glass. The film can be installed after the glass has been fixed.


Change glass designs without removing them with frosted glass film

By using an electronic plotter, you can cut any shape – logo, graphic, outline, words, etc. Suitable for branding, decor elements, or privacy. Ideal for offices and showrooms.


Office Frosted Glass Film

BABA Glass offers an extensive selection of specialized interior decoration materials – frosted glass materials, coloured glass materials, materials that can be printed in unlimited colours. A better alternative is to use clear graphics on glass films.


Decorative frosted film for entry doors

Your office should be designed with style. You can decorate your entrance door very well with frosted film. The frosted film is suitable for small doors for cabins as well as large entrance doors to provide privacy.


Frosted Film with logo and branding

You can use it as a branding element, as a decor element, or for any other purpose you like. There is no restriction on the use of logos or branding in the film. Branding with frosted film creates an elegant appearance. We Are Best Frosted Film Dealer In Lucknow


Frosted Film - Reduces interior fading

It is a proven fact that Baba Glass & Aluminium glass film screens up to 98% of harmful ultraviolet radiation and reduces interior fading by up to 50%. Glare is also reduced by the glass film. There is no need to worry about scratches on the glass film because it is scratch proof. With no damage to the glass, you can easily remove and replace the glass film when the design trend changes. Many places use window films, including offices, IT companies, restaurants, hotels, retail showrooms, jewellery shops, schools, colleges, hospitals, and residences.


Decorative Glass Film In Lucknow


Decorative glass film

In addition to decorative glass, Baba Glass offers specialized materials that can be printed in unlimited colors and images, and materials that can be applied to glass. Glass films with clear graphics are also a suitable alternative.

Decorative Glass Film - Change designs without removing glass

Decorative film has the advantage that it can be changed or removed whenever you want without damaging your glass. If you are running an offer, these are ideal for alerting the cabin or at the entrance to the showroom. When the offer ends, you can remove the decorative film


Decorative Glass Film - Installation made simple

Your design will be easier to install with The installation can be completed within a few hours. Glass film has the advantage of not having to be removed from the glass, unlike etched glass. Film can be installed after glass has been fixed.

Decorative Film for Entrance Door

You can design your office in a stylish way. You can decorate your entrance door with decorative film. Privacy film is good for large entrance doors, and decorative film is good for small cabin doors


Blue Glass Film

The plotters can cut anything into any shape – logos, graphics, outlines, words, etc. It can be used to brand products, as a decor element, or for privacy. The product is suitable for use in offices and showrooms.


Decorative Film with logo and branding

It is ideal for branding, as a decor element, or for any other purpose. Logos or branding can only be included in this section. Using decorative film for branding gives a very elegant look.

Safety & Privacy Glass Films In Lucknow


Safety & Security Window Film Commercial

Designed to protect people from flying glass shards, one of the most common causes of blast-related injuries and fatalities. The exterior is available in silver or neutral tones to create a more uniform appearance.


Safety & Security Window Films, Ultra Series for Residential

This product has excellent aesthetics due to its high light transmission. With the addition of Impact Protection Attachment Systems, glass fragment retention film provides more safety and security for people, property, and possessions.

Safety-&-Privacy-Glass-Film (2)

Safety & Security Window Films, Safety Series for Commercial

Provides additional protection against smash-and-grab burglaries. Provides protection against flying glass when natural disasters strike. Reduces the hazards associated with shattered glass.


Safety & Security Window Film Residential

Blast-related injuries and fatalities are often caused by flying glass shards. This budget-friendly film helps people stay safe and comfortable.


Safety & Security Window Films, Ultra Series for Commercial

Protects people from flying glass shards during natural disasters. Protects people from flying glass shards, one of the most common causes of explosion-related injuries. Designed to increase security and prevent smash and grab burglaries, it is microlayered and tear-resistant.


Safety & Security Window Films, Forced Entry Solution

Installing this retrofit security shield on existing glazing provides unsurpassed forced entry protection. The system consists of heavy gauge architectural grade polycarbonate and extruded framing that is designed to prevent infiltration by undesirable elements.

3M Frosted Glass Films


Frosted crystal made by 3MTM ScotchcalTM

The Scotchcal® Frosted Crystal 7725-324 from 3MTM is intended for use on windows and internally illuminated displays for permanent, multicolor, special effects. Automatically controlled friction-fed or flatbed cutters can use this product to cut pre-spaced graphics.


A wide range of applications for frosted glass films

  • Cutting with an electronic/computer plotter

  • It can be applied to rigid, clear substrates such as glass, partitions, doors, and windows.


Installation made easy with decorative glass film

In addition to requiring less time for installation, glass is also more cost-effective. In just a few hours, it can be installed. In contrast to etched glass, glass film does not require the glass to be removed. Putting the film on the glass is possible after the glass has been fixed.

Benefits Of 3M Glass Film

  • The product is durable and will not peel or curl over a period of 15 years (indoors).

  • A safer and time- and cost-saving alternative to sandblasting glass

  • Assure that the graphic is intact – no adhesive residue is left behind

  • It can be used for wet weeding as well

  • Surface with a low gloss – reduces glare

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