Makeup Artist In Lucknow Bewtish Makeovers Studio & Academy

Bewtish Makeovers Studio & Academy Makeup Artist In Lucknow


If You Are Looking For Makeup Artist In Lucknow Then Bewtish Makeovers Studio & Academy Is Your Destination. They Also Provide Pre Bridal Services, Facials & Skin Services In Lucknow.

Services Provided By Bewtish Makeovers


Bridal Makeup


Party Makeup


Reception Makeup

Engagement Makeup

Engagement Makeup

About Bewtish Makeovers Makeup Artist In Lucknow

Bewtish Makeovers is the best makeup artist in Lucknow. They offer bridal makeup, engagement makeup, and women’s salon services. They strive to provide the best experience to their clients. Bewtish Makeovers offers a wide range of services, from makeup to hair to SKIN, and we are always adding services to meet the needs of our clients. They are constantly innovating and expanding to provide their clients with the best experience possible. Bewtish always strives to deliver the highest quality service to their clients to ensure their satisfaction.

How To Book Appointment From Bewtish Makeovers

You Can Book Appointment By Calling Bewtish Makeovers 

Latest From Bewtish Makeovers Instagram

  • Business Name: Bewtish Makeovers Studio & Academy | Makeup Artist In Lucknow | Advance Skin Care | Freelance Makeup Artista
  • Contact Number: 08382995980
  • Contact Person: Ramsha Fakhrul 
  • Address: 187, Chandralok, Aliganj, Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh 226024
  • Timings: Monday To Sunday 09:00am To 09:00pm
  •  Services: Bridal Makeup, Engagement Makeup, Pre Bridal Services & More
  • Website: 
  • Map Link:

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